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Hello from Kamloops,

These are good questions that Lori is asking and ones that I have also been challenged with. Our District’s dates have been adjusted. Although I have not had an official word regarding what I think will work for us, I am thinking about the following: Pls.see below…


• who are other districts that are also doing this? Kamloops Thompson ~ SD73

• what will they do in terms of financial loss? i.e.
-keep semester one students for an additional two weeks with NO extra
home stay charge Our 1st semester students only will not stay longer; the full year
students will fit into the new schedule
-insist that all semester two students delay their airline arrival by two weeks (we have to
as we do not have enough home stay families) thus having our agencies pick up the tab
for the cost of airline changes? Our second semester students will arrive on schedule.

I am thinking that we will have a longer orientation with some activities for our incoming students until exams are over and second semester is in gear.

-Give semester two students a discount (rebate?) as they will have two
fewer weeks at school? We do not anticipate any refund.