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I am not sure my response to Lori’s posting got out, but our first semester students will be going home as scheduled. I always prepare their final reports and certificates of enrolment anyway so that is not an issue. The teachers have the option of providing semester end assessments, but should that not happen, we will do our own, probably something akin to a written reflective exercise. As you all know, we have considerable latitude when evaluating students who are not in the Grad Program. Our second semester students will arrive as scheduled and maybe even enjoy the orientation and recreational activities that are offered to them during the first week of February. The second semester tend to miss out on this kind of thing. I won’t be available for a conference call, which is why I am responding by email. By the way, we only have one student in the Grad Program who will be ending his studies in February. Apparently he won’t be going home right away so there aren’t any transportation issues and we will cover the cost of an extra week of homestay. I hope this helps in some small way.