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From: Sally Stacey
Subject: RE: SD#48 (Sea to Sky) requesting IPSEA member comments regarding Host families Home Insurance and denied coverage because of international student
Date: 2 March, 2016 7:03:12 PM PST

From our homestay provider:

The challenge with insurance for host families is that homestay students are not tenants and not family members or guests so they do fall into a grey area that is not covered by some insurance companies. That is why we let our hosts know in our guidelines that they must have insurance coverage for liability issues in the home. Upon inquiring with their providers, hosts who discover that they are not covered do have to change to other providers or assume the risk of no coverage so that is why they are cautioned to check with their providers. If not, consequences can be serious! We do not try to keep lists of or provide hosts with the names of insurance companies that do cover homestay situations as we do not want to be seen to endorse any particular company. Since insurance companies also do not cover the student’s belongings should something happen in the home, that is why we let the students know that they are responsible for purchasing their own coverage. FYI, many years back our Homestay Coordinators’ Association did try to work with an insurance provider who was willing to provide insurance coverage for students but it was extremely complicated and would have been expensive and onerous for homestay companies to administer (we would have to provide student names, homestay move-in and move-out dates, and collect money from students and make payments to the company), so agreed that it was not a practical solution.