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Allegations of fraudulence by Mexican agent

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    A message has been forwarded through BCCIE  by some private schools of allegations of fraudulence by  the Mexican agent, Belkys Chang Oliva of Asesoria Educativa Internacional.  Districts programs who have encountered similar experience by this agent and require further detail should contact the affected schools directly.
    1.   Bodwell College (Vancouver, Canada): Summer 2012, monetary value  $28,422.08 CAD

    Daniella Anaka, Marketing Manager Bodwell Highschool

    1604-924-5066 ext: 105

    2.   Academie Linguistique International School (Montreal, Canada): Summer 2011, monetary value $27,000 CAD

    Gregory Mattei, President


    3.   CET Vancouver (Vancouver, Canada): Summer 2012 monetary value  $4,494.16 CAD

    Martin Staffolani, Marketing Director


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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