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    Hello All:

    Agents are beginning to ask me about the implications of Bill C-35 for them.

    I have only the ICEF Monitor posts from August and June 2012:

    And the FAQ’s on the CIC website:

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom or any updated information.?

    (The Canada Course for Education Agents does not qualify anyone as an authorized agent.)

    Any input is greatly appreciated.



    Mission School District


    Please see below:

    (Recently posted by CAPS-I)


    We are pleased to let you know that the Canada Course for Education Agents was launched October 27th, 2012 at a reception held at the  Embassy of Canada in Berlin. This free, online course was developed by Edu-Canada with participation from the CCIEM and ICEF, and also input from across the education sector.

    Please find details online at

    The course is aimed to equip education agents with comprehensive knowledge about:

    The benefits of study and research in Canada

    Canada’s history, regions, climate, and people

    Canada’s education systems, study options, and web resources for agents and students

    Costs and scholarships

    How to professionally promote Canada (including the latest information on Bill C-35)

    Living in Canada (including pre-departure tips)

    A french version of the course will soon follow.  The overall objective in making this course available is to ensure that education agents have access to current, comprehensive and accurate information about education in Canada.  Those agents who choose to write an exam and successfully pass, will be identified on a website so families and institutions can determine who has an existing knowledge about the education systems in Canada through this course. This is one more tool that will establish a professional foundation for providing the best level of service to an international student.


    Languages Canada, on behalf of the CCIEM, is licensed to deliver the Canada Course and may be contacted at regarding any questions.

    The Edu-Canada Team




    Thanks … I had seen that info, but my question is still not answsered.  As I mentioned in my original post, the course does not qualify an agent as an authorized representative for CIC.  See the excerpt from the CMEC site below.

    What recognition do agents receive upon passing the Canada Course examination?

    “Educational agencies with staff who have passed the Canada Course examination will have their names posted on the ICEF website identifying that they have successfully passed the course examination. This does not mean they have authorization, endorsement, or accreditation by the Canadian government …”

    This does not solve the problem for our agents who charge a fee for service.  Any comments?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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