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Delayed German Study Permits

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    Hi Iris,


    Our understanding is that YVR will no longer issue these ‘late’ study permits…………..they will issue study permits upon the students arrival but not afterwards.  We have been told the students must now go to the border and do what is called a “Flagpole Walk”…..enter the US and return immediately to Canada to have their study permits issued there.


    Seems like a lot of extra time and work but that is what we were told!


    Good luck!


    Hi everyone,

    We have a few German students who arrived in Vancouver with their visitor visas in late August. They have just received their study permit approval letters from the Embassy of Canada in Vienna. As these students are in Vancouver, we would like to know how they can get their study permits within the city. Should they go to the Vancouver International Airport? Can they access the immigration section at the airport to get their study permits? If your students successfully received their study permits within the city, please advise us how our students can do so.

    Thank you!

    Iris Leung
    Program Coordinator
    International Education
    Vancouver School Board
    Tel.: 604-713-4483

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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