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    Hello IPSEA’ns J

    Do any of you have a policy or recommendations that you would be willing to share regarding international students writing final exams. We do have a Policy (which I’m happy to share), but I have to do some work to clarify a few points and it would be very helpful to know how other International programs are dealing with the issue.

    Thanks very much,

    Holly Mayo
    International Program Director

    33046 Fourth Avenue, Mission, BC V2V 1S5
    T 604.826.6286 ex 3240 F 604.820.2335 C 604.226.5027
    My policy is if they are present during the exam they write.
    Judy Hershman, Vernon
    Hello Holly

    In Saanich we have the same process as Judy.


    Spencer Gray, Saanich

    I am with Judy on this one!

    Mrs.Elizabeth J. Hollands-Gamble BEd., MBA
    District Principal of International Student Programs
    Cowichan Valley School District
    2652 James Street, Duncan, BC Canada

    If they are in the Grad program, they write. One semester kids write if they want. Some do; most don’t.

    Karen Klein, Director
    International Education
    School District 40
    New Westminster, BC

    We differentiate between final exams and provincial exams. Students must write finals if they are still here. We also expect students to write provincial exams as well

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    Morning all!

    In west van, all students on the grad program are expected to write all exams (final and prov).
    Our one year /semester kids generally write final exams in June but it varies. We do allow early departures.


    Crystal Tanfara, District Vice Principal
    International Programs,
    West Vancouver School District
    Ditto WV for North Van.

    Lynne Bolen
    Program Administrator
    International Education Program
    North Vancouver School District
    604 903 3494
    Just a fast addition. All students in the Grad program write finals, both locally and provincially.

    On 26 January 2016 at 08:30, Scott Bergstrome wrote:
    If the students are still here they write, although provincial exams are no longer mandatory, as the students are long gone before they get their results so their program reports only reflect their classroom efforts in those courses. Selfishly I don’t want to still be worrying about final grades for the semester three or four weeks from now. 😉

    Hello All

    Same as Judy in Vernon here in Okanagan Skaha. However, if the exam is going to create excessive stress / anxiety (language challenges) and it is not a provincial exam we sometimes allow an exemption. Case by case.

    Jeff Guy
    Come Live, Laugh and Learn in the Beautiful Okanagan

    Jeff Guy
    International Student Programs
    School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)

    Unfortunately, I accidently sent this message before I had finished it! I’ve continued on.

    We differentiate between final exams and provincial exams. All our students must write finals if they are still here (we also allow early departures). Students in the grad program must write the provincial exams, of course. We also expect our other students to write provincial exams, too, unless writing the exam would put them in danger of failing the course (class mark less than 55%). However, we don’t track kids down and drag them to the exam if they don’t show up! Provincial exams are not very relevant to international students who are not in the grad program and, in fact, we revalidate their report cards before the provincial exam mark, good or bad, is even factored in. However, if we were to excuse our non-grad students from writing provincials, our teachers would be upset because they spend quite a bit of time preparing students for the exams and, as we know from previous experience, it’s irritating for teachers to have a student in the class who tunes out because they don’t have to write.

    There are a couple of potential implications if students don’t write provincials. One is that if they lose their original report card and they have been removed from MyEd, then our back up is their transcript. Unfortunately, if they didn’t write a provincial, that course will not appear on their transcript. The other implication, of course, is that if they ever decided to return to Canada to graduate, they would not have received credit for that course.

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