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International Student Advisors – CIC's position

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    Further to our discussion at the June 10th, IPSEA AGM, here is the latest
    information from the governing body – ICCRC - regarding CIC’s position.
    After several meetings between the ICCRC, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
    and other stakeholders; CIC has clarified Section 91 of the Immigration and Refugee
    Protection Act (IRPA) as it affects International Student Advisors in Canada and
    Education Agents abroad, saying:
    Education agents, recruiters and employees at educational institutions, who are paid
    to provide services to their clients, are prohibited from providing advice to
    students... with regard to immigration applications, such as visas or student and
    work permits. As a result, they may not explain or advise a person on their
    immigration options, complete and submit immigration forms on a client's behalf,
    communicate with CIC on a client's behalf (except for the direct translation of a
    client's written or spoken submissions), represent a client in an immigration
    application or advertise that they can provide immigration advice.
    This makes clear that IRPA does not permit International Student Advisors or
    Education Agents to represent or advise students or anyone else on immigration
    matters.  This clarification will enable the ICCRC to better protect students and
    others seeking immigration-related advice or representation, and ensure that any
    advice or representation they receive comes only from a representative authorized
    under IRPA.
    For more information please contact ICCRC.
    Bob Brack
    President & CEO
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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