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Suggestions on how to code cultural and ELL students in MYBCED

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    Good morning everyone,

    We need your help if you are using MyBCEd. For years now, we have wrestled with the best way to code the one semester or one year international students who are registered in our Cultural Awareness and/or ELL programs. They are not here to graduate, but continue to negatively impact our overall graduation rates. We thought was had it sorted out, but it appears there is a second level of coding that we were not aware of. How do you handle the pressure from these students to be placed at an actual grade level. In the end, we issue our own final reports, but in the interim some students are very sensitive about their grade level.



    Dr. Scott Bergstrome, Director
    Gulf Islands International Program (School District 64)
    112 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island, B.C.
    Canada V8K 2K3


    Hi Scott: We have been using Secondary Ungraded for these such cases but also for the grad program students until their graduating year because we had so many opt out before completion. On BCesIS, that caused some organizational issues at the school as they never appeared on lists by their grade. On MyEd, our district has put SU in the grade sublevel, not the grade, so staff can see both the SU and the grade level. This is much more convenient for school staff, and students will be happy to see grade instead of SU on the report card, but I don’t know if putting SU in the grade sublevel still protects our graduation rates and have been wondering about that.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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