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validating study permits after students arrive in Canada

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    Sent: Friday, November 02, 2012 8:22 AM
    Subject: Request for information


    Please do not reply to this email.


      Reference: 8580 [3677]
      Date: 2012-11-02

    Sir, Madam,

    Thank you for contacting Citizenship and Immigration Canada. I am pleased to follow up on your request:

    Validating an Immigration Document at a Land Border (Flag Pole Procedure)

    If you are in Canada and you get a letter of introduction from a Canadian visa office, you must have your permit issued by an immigration officer at a port of entry. You must:

    • Go to the American land border and explain to the officer that you do not want to enter the US; but that you want to return to Canada immediately to validate an immigration document (this is called the flag pole procedure).
    • Once at the Canadian border, you must show the officer your passport, as well as your letter of introduction, and any other required document.

    To find the land border closest to you which offers immigration services, please visit the Canada Border Service’s Web site.

    Please note that your immigration documents cannot be validated at a local Citizenship and Immigration Canada office inside Canada or at an airport.

    If it is impossible for you to present yourself at a land border, you can send your request to CPC Vegreville, and include the following documents:

    • The form IMM 5709 or 5710 completely filled out along with an explanation letter;
    • A copy of all the pages of your passport;
    • Your current address in Canada;
    • The letter of introduction.

    Please note that no fee is applicable for this option.




    The information in this email is meant to assist you in understanding the immigration and citizenship policies and/or procedures. It is a summary of the information contained in the law. If you plan on consulting this email again at a future date, please visit our Web site to ensure that you have the most current information on our programs and policies.

    For any further questions, please visit our Web site at

    If you require assistance to complete CIC’s application forms, certain non-profit organizations are available to help you. However, we encourage you to read the entire Instruction Guide that comes with the application and to fill out the forms to the best of your knowledge before consulting with them.

    Don’t forget about CIC’s other on-line services:

    Agent #3677
    Citizenship and Immigration Canada

    Please Note The information provided may change without notice. If there is conflicting information between the text in the email and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Citizenship Act or their regulations, the Act and/or Regulations prevail. This email was sent to you in the language of your choice. CIC Internet information is available in both official languages. The masculine form is used for convenience, it refers to both men and women.

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